Women, trans women and girls of all cultural backgrounds and life experiences are virtually absent from the HIV/AIDS research agenda and decision-making processes. Women, trans women and girls lack access to testing, are denied testing, are under-diagnosed, are diagnosed too late for successful treatment interventions and lack access to gender specific community supports. This is exacerbated by racism, classism, misogyny, transphobia and other forms of discrimination against women.

The Blueprint for Action on Women and HIV/AIDS is a multi-sector coalition of HIV-positive women, Canadian and international HIV/AIDS organizations, and a variety of women’s and reproductive rights groups advocating for better prevention, services and supports for women and girls infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

News & Events

Blueprint announces launch of the 2012 Report Card at AIDS 2012 in Washington: Read our Media Release 

December 1, 2010: In Memory of LaVerne Monette, Activist, Champion and Friend

Blueprint at AIDS 2010: A listing of Blueprint events taking place at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna in July 2010

Press Release – July 20 2010: Canada and Norway: HIV Efforts for Women and Girls Stymied by Stigma and Discrimination

Blueprint announces launch of the updated Manifesto and 2010 Report Cards at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna

Le VIH progresse chez les Canadiennes

Canada gets a D in protecting women, girls

Women, kids bear HIV brunt

International AIDS Conference 2008 Photos

Press Conference – August 04, 2008

Global Village Session – August 04, 2008

Women’s and Girls’ Rally & March – August 05, 2008

International AIDS Conference 2008 – August 03-08, 2008

World AIDS Day Breakfast 2007 Photos

International AIDS Conference 2006 Photos 

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For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Email: womensblueprint@gmail.com
Phone: (613) 230-3580, ext 123 or 1-800-499-1986, ext 123

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